About Silver Parachute Sales & Service

Silver Parachute Sales & Service is dedicated to providing in-depth, personal parachute service to aerobatic and glider pilots around the world. We specialize in emergency parachutes and are the largest dealer of the SOFTIE line of pilot emergency parachutes by Para-Phernalia, Inc. Silver Parachute Sales & Service offers complete parachute rigging services including repack & recertification, major repair & alterations, as well as manufacturing the AcroBelt five-point ratchet seatbelt system and S.M.A.K. PAK parachute survival kits. Silver Parachutes Sales & Service also provides emergency bailout training and safety seminars for pilots.


I take pride in the Business code of 5F's and do my best to be:

Fast, Focused, Flexible, Friendly and have Fun.

Allen Silver owns and operates Silver Parachute Sales & Service located on the Columbia California Airport (O22). He relocated his business here in October 2012 after spending over thirty years in Hayward, CA.


He has been an FAA Master Rigger since 1974 and in 1991 was designated as a Parachute Rigger Examiner for the FAA. A position he held until moving to the Columbia. Allen also served three terms as the chairman of the Parachute Industry Association (PIA) Rigging Committee, a worldwide organization that represents the parachute industry.


Having spent 25 years with the California Air National Guard, Allen retired in 1991. Eighteen of those years were spent as a Survival Equipment Technician working with parachutes, rafts, and life support equipment. This background has been beneficial in obtaining contracts with NASA and other aerospace companies requiring services for sophisticated and specialized parachutes.


In 1962 at the age of seventeen, Allen made his first parachute jump in Southern California after watching the old television series Ripcord. He now has over 3,200 parachute jumps as a sport and professional skydiver.


For three seasons Allen performed a wingwalking/skydiving routine at airshows throughout the western United States with Eddie Andreini and his Super Stearman. Allen returned to flying and has over 1900 hours of which over 1200 are in a Marchetti SF-260. When he is not busy packing parachutes or flying, Allen also enjoys swimming, hiking, scuba diving, and a good glass of wine.