The AcroBelt is one of the finest 5-point ratchet restraint systems on the market today.


All material and hardware used in the construction of the AcroBelt is certified by the manufacturers and meets or exceeds the highest standards set by the FAA. The one exception is the ratchet used on this 5-point restraint system.

It cannot be FAA certified, but it is factory-rated at 3000 lbs.


The AcroBelt is not an FAA TSO'd safety belt and can only be used in aircraft classified as experimental or as a secondary belt, in addition to a belt that is certified.


All statements, technical advice, and recommendations issued by Silver Parachute Sales & Service are based on knowledge and tests believed to be reliable, but the accuracy thereof is not guaranteed.


All safety belts must be installed in accordance with procedures specified by the manufacturer of the particular aircraft in which they will be used. Before and after installing the AcroBelt, or allowing it to be used by others, the user shall determine the suitability of this product for its intended use, and the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.


Having no control over the use of this safety belt, Silver Parachute Sales & Service assumes no liability connected with its use. The user waives any liability on the part of Silver Parachute Sales & Service for personal injuries or other damages arising from such use.

If this has not scared you off, I look forward to working with you! All AcroBelts are custom made to your measurements and to your color choices. Customer satisfaction and prompt service are top priorities.


AcroBelt with Ratchet (Click photo for larger image)

Price: $405.00


AcroBelt without Ratchet (Click photo for larger image)

Price: $360.00


Secondary Lap Belt (click photo for larger image)

Price: $105.00




Lap Belt with ratchet ---------------- $235.00 

Lap Belt without ratchet ------------ $185.00  


Shoulder straps----------------------- $135.00 

Crotch (Anti-Submarining)strap------ $40.00 



AcroBelt Colors

                      The colors below are usually in stock. 

                    Custom colors may be ordered to match
your aircraft at an additional cost. If you order two sets of belts several months or years apars the same colors may not match. For example tan and silver are two colors that change from dye lot to dye lot and may vary a bit in color.


Samples for color match are available

upon request.

Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Olive Drab
Orange (special order)
Tan  (color can vary between dye lots)




Fill out the form below with your measurements. For advice on measuring or what end fittings are best for your aircraft, call Allen Silver at 209-532-7070.  When completed scan and email me your order form. Of course you can also mail it to me. Please measure at least twice so I can cut once. Thank You.

AcroBelt Order Form: Revised 7May17
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