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Shipping and Mailing Address

Silver Parachute Sales                                                         

1257 Sanguinetti Rd., #210

Sonora, CA  95370

Phone: 209-532-7070



For anyone needing a parachute repack. Please go to my home page for the information on Roberts Air Services or click on Rigging Sercvices on the left. There you will find his information. Remember, I'm only giving up the packing portion of my business. After well over 40,000 repacks my hands have told me that's enough. Robert is a great rigger and will do a good job packing your parachute.


I will continue my long standing dealership with the Softie line of pilot emergency parachutes manufactured by Para-Phernalia. I will also continue to manufacture my SMAK Pak parachute survival kits that attach to your parachute harness.


I continue giving bailout seminars worldwide and write occasional articles for Sport Aerobatics magazine and other publications.



Many of you expressed that you will miss flying to the Columbia Airport. HINT: You can still fly here and take me to lunch.