P/N 97-001



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Once this one is sold no more will be manufactured.


This is an item every parachute rigger should have in their inventory of tools, especially if you plan on rigging for years to come. Over the past 50 plus years I've packed 40,000 + parachutes. My hands were getting tired. While in the Air Force I developed a crude form of this ratchet to take the pressure off of my hands. After retiring from the Air Force I refined it to what it is today. Each EZ Close Ratchet is individually machined and is a precision tool that should last you a career of packing. I've been using my present one for over twenty years.


If I didn't have such a tool I'd have been out of the packing business many many years ago. It is an item the military orders from me. It should allow you to close just about any parachute by yourself, often with only a couple of fingers doing the work. If the phone rings you can stop and answer it and return later to where you left off. I try to keep several in stock. The one comment I often hear is:

"Why didn't I buy this years ago".


If you further questions please feel free to call or email me.


Item Description: The EZ Close parachute closing ratchet uses a 3/8” drive handle (not provided) to assist the parachute rigger in closing difficult containers. A 3/8” socket is attached to the gear and pawl mechanism. The pull up cord used by the rigger to assist in closing the container is looped over the pin in the center of the cross piece. The closing ratchet was designed to minimize damage to the container while closing it and allows one person to close most containers without assistance. It is designed to take the closing forces off of your hands. This makes it ergonomically friendly to the user and helps prevent physical injury especially to the tendons in your hand.




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Sits on top of the container grommet and gives a straight upward pull helping to protect the container from damage.
EZ Close Ratchet. Each one is machine tooled and is a precision tool.
EZ Close Ratchet