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Arlington (AWO) Airport, WA - IAC Judges School April 2016

     Thank you John Smutney for hosting my presentation.



Sun N Fun April 2015




Thank you IAC Chapter 67 for inviting me on April 11, 2015 to give a bailout seminar at the judges school you were holding. It was held at the Arlington, WA Airport (AWO).  A very special thanks goes out to John Smutny for inviting me and making all the arrangements. Your dedication to safety and continuing education is evident. Also, thank you for inviting all the local pilots ,not attending your judges school, to participate.


Thank you TSA (Texas Soaring Association) not the other TSA

for hosting my bailout seminar in Midlothian Texas on March 28th 2015. A special thanks goes to Norm and Barb Snyder for making all the necessary arrangements and for putting Marilyn and I up in their beautiful home.



Downtown Columbia is about a 10-15 minute walk from my shop. All the shops are open for business. They look like something from the 1850's because most were built between the late 1850's and 1870's


NWCAS (Northwest Council of Airshows) 

Feb 28th - Mar 2nd 2013



                          SEATTLE, WA - 21-23 FEB 2013

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Minden Soaring Club Safety Seminar at SoarNV June 2012



Museum of Flight Presentation, Seatle, WA - March 2012


This is a must see Museum. This is just one of several buildings

with everything from the Concorde to the SR-71.



Soaring Society of America Convention Reno - NV Feb 2012



Sun N Fun - April 2011. What a Torando can do in a few seconds.



Brisbane, Australia (Heck Field) - Feb 2011



Sydney Australia - January 2011



Johnson Space Center Presentation

Patty Robertson Memorial Safety Seminar - October 2007