SOFTIE Ordering Information

Tip:  Click this link to open the Colors and Options page in a new browser tab for reference when filling out the order form. I suggest making a copy of the order form below and have it beside you when making your choices.

Feel free to use the order form below, but because of the many styles and options to choose from, it is usually best to call and we can discuss your order first before sending it to me. I'm always happy answer all your questions and to make sure you choose the right parachute and options.




NOTE: Silver Parachute Sales does not currently process orders online.  Please open and fill out the form below. When completed print out a copy, scan and email it to me or mail it to Silver Parachute Sales. As I stated above a call usually works out the best. I'm more than happy to take your order over the phone. I want to make sure the parachute you order is exactly what you need.


Microsoft Word document [253.0 KB]